Diploma Courses

Professional Basic

Fundaments, Windows Operating (OS), Data Processing, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Power point, Backup Procedure, Troubleshooting

Professional Manual Accounts

Introduction : Terms & Definitions, Accounting Rules,

Books : Day Book, Cash Book, Purchase Book, Sale Book, Ledger, Stock Statement

Final Report : Trial Balance, Trading Account, Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet.

Additional Reports : GST Reports, Invoicing, Depreciation Chart,

Interest Calculation, Debit Note, Credit Note, Audit Features..........

Busy (Accounts Software)

Aim & Objectives


Starting with Busy

Setting up a Company in Busy

Configuring Busy with Basic Configuration

Basic Accounting & Inventory

Master, Transaction, Printing Documents

Accounting Reports

Inventory Reports

GST Reports

Managing Data with Managing Backup



Year-end Process

Shortcut Keys Combination


Internet Applications

Introduction, Electronic Mail, Chat, Portals, Search Engine, Surfing, Google Apps. operating, Uploading, Downloading, Attachments, Internet Tools.

Spoken English

Communication Skills, Noun-Pronoun, Grammer, Vocabulary, Adjective Adverb, Writing (Essay, Paragraph, Newsletters), Self Management, Interview Skill, Confidence Build, Group Discussions, Table Manners, Personality Development.

Computer Languages





Advanced Java



Android App

Shell Programming

Typing Tutor

English Typing, Punjabi Typing, Hindi Typing

(Build Speed & Accuracy)

Tally (Accounts Software)

Aim & Objectives


Tally User Classification

Tally Activation Form

General Features

Accounting Features

Inventory Features

Accounting & Inventory Management

Let us Sum up

Points for Discussion

Check your Progress

Lesson-end Activities

Visual Basic

Introduction, Working with VB, Managing Controls, Creating Menus, Analyzing VB Data, Controlling Programs, Advanced Keyboard, Screen Support, Nature of VB Programs, Dialog Box Controls, Working with Forum, Interact with Files, Printing VB Output

Adobe Photoshop

Exploring the New Interface Opening an Existing Files, Toolbox, Screen Modes, Creating a New Document, Selecting/Saving/Deleting a Workspace, Saving Files, Reverting files, Closing Files and Quitting Photoshop, Keyboard Shortcut and Menu Setting. Getting Familiar, Configuring Photoshop Setting, Working with Images, Working with Selections, Drawing, Painting and Re-Touching Tools, Mastering Layer in Photoshop, Layer Style and Filter Effects, Automation, Printing in Photoshop, Summary.

Corel Draw

Working with Lines, Outlines and Brush Strokes, Drawing Shapes, Working with Objects, Working with Color, Managing Color for Display, Input and Output, Dimensional Effects to Object, Working with Pages and Layout Tools, Working with Layers, Managing Fonts, Working with Bitmaps, Changing Color Modes in Bitmaps, Publishing to the Web, Printing, Importing & Exporting Files, File Formats, Working with Graphic, Text & Color Styles.

Database Management System (DBMS)



Data Models

Data Schemas

Data Independence

Basic Concepts


Relation Data Models

Relational Algebra

ER Model to Relational Model

SQL Overview


Storage System

File Structure with Indexing/Hashing

Data Backup