About Us

N.K. Computers was founded by Mr. Neeraj Khindri in 1991 with an aim to offer quality all-round education to deserving students from varied backgrounds.  N.K. Computers has only two criteria for considering an applicant for admission: the applicant´s track record, and the evaluated ability and desire of the applicant to learn and grow.  N.K. Computers does not discriminate on the basis of gender, race, physical disability, financial background, etc. N.K. Computers offers courses in a wide range of areas including the Computer Applications and Computer Languages. Staffed with highly-qualified and experienced full-time and consulting faculty between students and their teachers from across departments.



Consistent with our founder, Mr. Neeraj Khindri vision, N.K. Computers is dedicated to bring a wide variety of fields of education together under one roof, enabling the interchange and exchange of fresh and innovative ideas possible within an academic setup. We have the following other mission

 •    Imparting holistic and man-making education with emphasis on character, culture and value- moral and ethical.

 •    Designing the curriculum and offering courses that transform the students into valuable, skilled human resources.

 •    Constantly updating academic and management practices to enhance quality management and promoting quality in all spheres.

 •    Extending comprehensive support services to students to participate and involve themselves in the formation of curriculum relevant to the student community and the society at large.

 •    Moulding the teachers to become role models to the students.